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About Little Lunch


ay we introduce? Little Lunch – probably the best organic soups and sauces you have ever eaten! We make sure, that the ever famous question „What shall I eat for lunch today?“ simply dissolves in soup.


Thanks to the extraordinary high quantity of vegetables, our organic soups satisfy your hunger – without leading to an afternoon-food-coma. And that is not everything that makes Little Lunch so special! A lot of our soups are vegan and gluten-free. We renounce the use of artificial ingredients, preservatives and added sugars. Because of our gentle production process, our soups remain their quality even after months of being stored without cooling. By now we have organic broths with added superfoods, as well as organic stocks in our assortment. With each product we follow our principles without exception: 100% organic, without plastic and without artificial additives.


The Founders

Introducing the two brothers Denis and Daniel Gibisch – former bad-eaters, office(?) and since June 2014, reborn SOUPerheroes! After both became fed up with racking their brains about what they should eat for lunch, they realised that within this field, there is a lot of improvement to do. „We did not want to eat greasy fast-food or instant soups which are packed with artificial flavouring anymore – doesn’t necessarily makes you thinner, either… :-)“. So after a lot of thinking, testing and planning, the perfect solution was found: Soup! After all, each German eats around 100 portions of soup each year – Little Lunch was born! HOORAAY!


We care about sustainability

We think that organic products should dress accordingly. That’s why you will never see our soups in plastic, but only in glass containers. Once ordered, our soups travel in 100% recycled cardboard packaging and arrive carbon neutrally, at your doorstep. After usage, the empty glasses and cardboard can be easily recycled as well. In our blog, you can find great inspiration and ideas, how you can upcycle our glasses, after you have eaten our delicious soups.