Auch wenn einige unserer Suppen vegan sind, sollen auch Fleischfreunde nicht zu kurz kommen – und genießen bei uns beste Qualität. Für unsere fleischhaltigen Suppen verwenden wir ausschließlich bestes Bio-Rindfleisch von Weide-Rindern aus Österreich. Auch bei allen anderen Zutaten unserer Produkte achten wir selbstverständlich auf 100% Bio- Qualität und beziehen unser Obst und Gemüse so regional wie möglich.

fully organic.

Fully organic and really tasty: Besides the flavour of our products, of course, also the organic quality of our ingredients is of the highest priority. Our fruits and vegetables are a 100 % biologically-grown and for our meat-containing soups we exclusively use the highest-quality organic beef from free-range cattle from Austria.

Regarding all other ingredients of our products we also make sure, of course, to have a 100 % organic quality and buy our fruits and vegetables as regionally as possible.

no plastic needed.

Glass instead of plastic

We are of the opinion that plastic has no place in organic products. Our organic soups are really tasty and environmentally friendly only when sold in glass jars. Our glass jars cannot only be recycled very easily in any bottle bank but they can also be “upcycled”. Whether you use them as a tea light candle holder or a cotton pad jar – in our magazine you’ll find great ideas and inspirations as to how you can use our glass jars.

Packed environmentally friendly

Yes, we admit that popping a bubble wrap is lots of fun. However, where does it land in the end when all bubbles are popped? Correct. At landfills and with some bad luck in our oceans. Also, in this case, we refrain from using plastics and fill paper bags with our shredded and no longer usable cardboard boxes. Thus, not only is the environment happy but also are you because our soups arrive safely. Our cushioning materials are, of course, reusable by you.

Shipped environmentally friendly

Shipment and logistics at Little Lunch are carried out by DHL GoGreen. Transport and shipment of products are unfortunately still producing emissions. With DHL GoGreen the produced greenhouse gases are compensated with climate protection projects. This means that our organic soups are delivered climate neutrally up to your door.

Fully committed.

Planting trees on Green Friday

Through several cooperation and campaigns, also we would like to take over social and environmental responsibility. Therefore, we have turned “Black Friday” into “Green Friday” and plant a tree in Campeche for every incoming order on that popular shopping fever day in November – in cooperation with the organization Plant-for-the-Planet. Mehr dazu

Footballs for SOS Children’s villages

Just in time for the Word Cup 2018 we brought joy to the children of the SOS Children’s villages: through a betting game on our Facebook page several hundreds of footballs were donated to various facilities of the SOS Children’s villages.

Appreciating food

In Germany, approximately 18 million tons of food are thrown away every year. Of course, also within our company the production amounts cannot always be planned exactly. In order to avoid throwing away our products because of too-short expiry dates we are cooperating with SirPlus which saves food from unnecessary disposal.

Environmental protection in office life

Augsburg has a total of 7,679 hectares of forest area – the perfect place for our small, green Start-up! Our office is located in the heart of the Fugger city, at the beautiful river “Proviantbach”. Green, bright and as environmentally friendly as possible in everyday life. Our office building is operated by a 100 % green power, the drinking water for our employees comes directly out of the pipes thanks to a water filter system. And, by the way, we are experts in waste sorting. Ask our kitchen service.